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  • Trugs Cards Stage 14

TRUGS cards also come in individual stages, with each stage focusing on a different set of starting words and phonic patterns.

The individual stages can be roughly grouped into three difficulty bands:

  • Stages 1-5 are intended for a reading age of 5 - 7.5 years
  • Stages 6-10 are intended for a reading age of 7.5 - 9 years
  • Stages 11-15 are intended for a reading age of 9-14 years
Stage Starting With Building To Phonic
11 place, city, pencil concentrate, intercept, circulate soft 'c' sound after an i/e/y
12 stage, bridge, gem nitrogen, engagement, generate soft 'g' sound after an i/e/y
13 table, little, candle printable, tentacles, triangle consonant - le
14 development, altogether, independent disappointment, automatic, accelerate four-syllable words
15 station, gracious, junction identification, atrocious, electrician 't', 'ci', 'si' at end of words

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Trugs Cards Stage 14

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