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Support for Adults with Learning Difficulties

If you experienced learning difficulties at school you may still want support as an adult to help you in your job or when undertaking further learning or training. Adults with learning difficulties may continue to find that reading, spelling or writing difficulties can affect the ease at which they can complete everyday tasks at home, during study and in the workplace.

Have a look at the services and resources below to see what suits you.

Support for Adults

SPELD SA can work with you to find ways of working around the challenges of living with a learning difficulty. Our expert consultants will explore the concerns you are experiencing, due to dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties. Through a tailored consultation with SPELD SA, we will:

Explore where the breakdown in study or the workplace starts
Help to identify the difficulties being encountered
Recommend strategies for improving the output in the workplace or learning environment
Receive advice on assistive technologies to support your work/learning
Invite your employer to become part of the consultation process
Provide an understanding of the learning difficulties being experienced

Fees for adult services vary depending on the service required:

'Support for adults in the workplace' consultations - $220 per hour with minimum 2 hours
Individual consultations for one hour at the SPELD SA office - $100 

Other useful services and resources

University and TAFE SA

Provisions or adjustments are made available for students at all levels of education during the course of their studies.

Literacy program for older students 8 to Adult

The Intensive Literacy Program includes the phonics, grammar and punctuation skills included in a standard R-3 syllabus, with texts selected for older students, aged 8 to adult. Each module has an instructor handbook and a student workbook. A placement test has been designed to help instructors determine a student’s starting module. The program can be used on a one-to-one basis or with a group for wave 2 and 3 intervention.

Standard Educational Consultation

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine what steps to take if you are finding it more challenging to cope with the demands of literacy and numeracy at school, university or in the workplace. A one hour consultation will be able to provide strategies to help you going forward.

Psychological Assessment

A psychological assessment can help identify individual learning strengths and weaknesses to find out if an identifiable learning difficulty exists. A psychological assessments through SPELD SA can be completed for adults up to the age of 24 years and 11 months.

SPELD SA is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 1969. We provide advice and services to children and adults with specific learning difficulties and those who care for, teach, and work with them.

Our organisation is governed by a council, whose members include parents, teachers, accountants, lawyers, psychologists, optometrists, doctors, speech pathologists and other interested professionals.

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