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  • Grotto Grip

Grotto Grip®: Target, Activate and Train Proper Muscles for WritingTM

This patented, ergonomic pencil grip was designed and tested by pediatric occupational therapists who specialize in handwriting. The Grotto Grip® immediately decreases hand fatigue and pencil pressure. With consistent use, it increases writing endurance and pencil control while training the hand muscles to hold a writing utensil properly.

Grotto Grip®: Not just a comfort grip, but a powerful training tool:

  • Places and holds the fingers into a mature tripod grasp with finger guards and special angles, providing constant tactile feedback
  • Maintains arches in the palm of the hand, furthering dynamic finger movements
  • Facilitates an open web space between thumb and index finger
  • Prevents hyper-mobility at the joints of the index finger and thumb
  • OT recommended firmness for optimal joint stability and muscle action

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Grotto Grip

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