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  • Numbershark 5 (Download)

Helps anyone improve their numeracy skills and understanding combining motivation and enjoyment with a structured learning process. Produced by White Space Ltd.

For Students

Numbershark addresses many of the difficulties which lead students to dislike maths, including poor

  • short term memory
  • attention span
  • sequencing skills

The program features 45 totally different games covering addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in ways which add meaning and understanding to these operations.

For the Teacher

Managing your students has never been easier. Numbershark 5 allows you to specify and record games and topics for each student. You can also change individual access options such as speed. Help screens can be shown alongside any games as you play them and student`s scores can be recorded for monitoring progression and performance.


The games are played with your chosen units of work (topics) from a finely graded list of over 400; each topic generates a new set of sums every time the game is played. Printing of a wide range of customisable worksheets is possible for additional reinforcement.

  • The units of work or topics form the structured course. They are broken down into very small steps, isolating one new level of activity at a time. Learned facts are linked to new ones.
  • Numbershark covers ordering, grouping, place value, commutativity, exchange and links between operations for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of whole number; Negative numbers, common percentages, fractions, decimals, money and measurement.
  • Numbershark generates a new set of sums for each topic as it is selected. The games for each of topic may be reinforced with a wide range of customisable worksheets.
  • The 500+ topics offer a finely graded structured course with clear examples given on screen to help you select appropriate work.
  • Each of the topics can be accessed directly.
  • Numbers range from zero to seven digits. Negative numbers are also introduced to -10
  • 1500 worded problems help put number skills into context.
  • Numbershark includes a demo mode that explains many concepts in a highly visual way.

Numbershark 5 Game Features

  • Numbers are represented in many forms in the games e.g.: rods, number line, scale, digits, words, abacus, 100 square and number pad
  • Different games address different aspects of: ordering, grouping, conservation, place value, exchange, symbol discrimination, problem solving, commutativity, links between operations and maths vocabulary
  • Games both promote understanding and also provide rote practice in number bonds and multiplication tables, and give visual support for maths concepts
  • Mental maths strategies are well addressed at all levels
  • Over learning is achieved through the variety of approach in the games
  • Variable levels and speeds for games allows easy differentiation to support a wide range of skills and ability
  • Personal learning is supported with individual programs of work
  • Scores and timings are shown on screen but most games do not impose time limits. Detailed work records can be viewed or printed off
  • Context friendly help screens with speech support are available throughout.

System Requirements:

For Windows: 10 Please note: the programs are not compatible with Windows 10 in S mode *

Macs: OSX 10.9 to 10.15 and macOS 11.0 Please note: some issues have been reported with Mac OS 10.14 & 10.15 (Mojave & Catalina) and macOS 11.0 (Big Sur) *

* For further information about system requirements please go to:



The Home download version is intended for home use. It is intended to be downloaded onto one computer and you can enrol up to 2 students.

The School download version is intended for classroom use. It is intended to be downloaded onto one computer and allows you to enrol any number of students.

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Numbershark 5 (Download)

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