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  • Spelling Essentials

Handbook of English Spelling Rules and Definitions

Knowledge of a few basic spelling principles can be beneficial to everyone, regardless of their spelling ability.

Understanding the reasons for such spelling principles as doubling consonants like 't', 's', 'p', 'l', 'm', and 'n' or dropping the final 'e' before adding a suffix can help everyone improve their spelling.

Spelling is one of the most important elements of writing and everyone should strive to be as accurate as possible. This can be as easy as running your eyes over your work before passing it on and keeping a dictionary close by to check any words of which you are unsure.

Spelling Essentials is designed as an easy reference guide to aid you when checking your work.

Keep it handy and remember that the more concious you are of the accuracy of your work, the better you will become!

The book covers 48 rules, Mnemonics, Homophones, Root Words, Capital Letters, Short Forms, Acronyms, Eponyms, Anagrams and a list of difficult words to spell.

Everyone should own a copy!

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Spelling Essentials

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