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  • Fresh Start  Anthologies - Volume 7

Read Write Inc. Fresh Start offers older primary and lower secondary children, who have not made progress in their reading, a second chance to catch up and become fluent readers.

Fresh Start Anthologies contain a variety of lively non-fiction, poetry and fiction texts, including quizzes, play scripts, and comic strips to motivate students to read for pleasure. They can be used alongside the Fresh Start Modules, or to supplement other reading programmes.

Anthologies Volume 7 contains 6 texts and 2 extended reads

31 A. Superstitions - sense or nonsense?

31 B.A famous writer - Shakespeare

32 A. A terrible day in Pompeii

32 B. Mission impossible!

33 A. Ballad of a pirate of distinction!

33 B. Pirate application pack

Extended reads:

Grand theft at Bagshot Manor


Volume 7 can be used alongside the Fresh Start Modules 26-33 which links five more texts to volume 6 an 3 texts to volume 7, or to supplement other reading programmes.

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Fresh Start Anthologies - Volume 7

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