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The Rip Rap Club Books are the newest in a suite of Rip Rap decodable resources for all students, but particularly for those whose reading skills are delayed. The Rip Rap Club books are designed for primary aged students, from about 7 or 8 to 12 years, although older students enjoy them too.

The series follows the experiences, adventures and interactions of six children, as they go on camp, transform their school, gain access to an abandoned house and garden, (including a costume attic), get to know two puppets that can move by themselves, and time travel with their wacky teacher to the time of mega fauna, to 1492 Spain, and a tropical island inhabited by buccaneers of 1650.

It is very important that Rip Rap books are read in numeric order. The vocabulary and digraphs learned are strictly controlled and cumulative throughout each series of 12 books. This is particularly essential with Rip Rap Club Series, because, not only will reading confidence be enhanced as the spelling patterns are introduced sequentially, but also the 12 books together could be seen as one long novel. The stories are connected, and issues raised in earlier books are returned to and clarified in later ones. Throughout the series, readers will also get to know the characters, their personalities and relationships.

The Rip Rap Club Teachers’ Manual contains poems and exercises to practise the sounds at each level, and ideas to take class discussion of the themes raised in the books beyond comprehension.

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Rip Rap Club Series

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