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  • Help! My Child has Dyslexia - a practical guide for parents

As an experienced teacher and the mother of a dyslexic child, Judy Hornigold has written the book that she wishes had been available when her own son was diagnosed. She writes with knowledge and understanding, both of the challenges of dyslexia and of the way in which parents can help and support their child.

The book:

  • explains how to identify and understand your child's specific learning difficulties
  • suggests simple games and activities that are fun to do at home and are proved to help dyslexic children with their reading, writing, maths, and memory skills
  • includes photocopiable templates and useful word lists to support the games
  • offers information on the basic rules of English spelling, and practical teaching tips and techniques
  • provides a substantial section of resources and supporting information that you can dip into as needed

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Help! My Child has Dyslexia - a practical guide for parents

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