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Music and Movement

One of the biggest challenges we face when working with students with learning difficulties, is finding enjoyable ways to provide the amount of practice students need to acquire the skills they find difficult.

Thanks to the Thyne Reid Foundation, SPELD SA has been able to create 8 music and movement videos that provide fun music activities for language and learning. These are available freely on our SPELD SA Music and Movement YouTube channel.

Listening carefully and copying the sounds and vocabulary in songs, as well as imitating the language used, is a fun way to support the development of speech and phonological awareness. Action songs, storytelling and dances also develop gross and fine motor skills and also involve essential personal skills of turn taking and group work.

Kelly the Cockatoo

Download the story, Kelly Cockatoo, written by Mary McKay-Walton to accompany the video, “Exploring story through song, rhyme and dance.”

This video introduces Kelly Cockatoo and her Aussie mates. Kelly Cockatoo flies around Australia and visits her friends: Edna and Eddie Echidna, Fiona and Freddy Frog and Wally and Wilma Wombat.

The story features a repeated song, enabling children to learn it independently by the end of the story. The children imitate the words of the book, and they learn about the language used to describe the animals through movement. This allows them to become connected with the book and a part of the story telling. The alliteration in the repetitive text helps them to explore expressive language. The music activities linked to this story have been specifically chosen to teach different music concepts, like rhythm, pitch, beat and timing. Using props, actions and movement sequences, children learn the different concepts by participating in the various activities. Simple props are incorporated into many of the activities, including a puppet, coloured scarves and simple musical instruments.

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