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  • trugs Home version - boxed sets 2 or 3

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trugsat home for parents & tutors.

  • 360 cards* making 15 Card Games
  • 1 Instruction Booklet

Phonics reading resource that works by playing card games.

If you have been searching for a simple, effective, fun and quick game to play to boost reading ability, with children of all ages... you need look no further. trugs does exactly what it says on the tin - teach reading using games.

Polly Bennett, NASEN Special Magazine

Help your children learn to read by laughing and playing and having fun.

Play these games at each of the stages and progress through the reading stages easily

  • Guess it, Match it and Take it card games makes reading practice easy and fun

The Clue card explains what each Stage is.

That's all that's needed because the structure has been put together by a dyslexia specialist

Progress with reading is inevitable; the children pick up the phonic patterns easily and reinforce them every time they play the games, over and over again

Stage 0 Box 1 Box 2
Introducing Stage 1 cvc - sat yes big fox hug Stage 6 split digraph (vowel - consonant-e) make these fine code tuneful
16 letter sounds: Stage 2 ccvc - pram shall trip snack Stage 7 vowel digraphs and trigraphs - snail seen light boat statue
/s/a/t/p/ /i/n/m/d/ Stage 3 cvcc and ccvcc - left best crash drank Stage 8 alternative vowel digraphs - boy out paw
/g/o/c/k/ /ck/e/u/r/ Stage 4 two syllable words - magnet instruct Stage 9 two syllable words - limit pilot
Stage 5 'ar' - 'or' - 'er' - car port her stir churn Stage 10 three syllable words - consider discontent

Box 3: TW1 and TW2
Stage 11 'c' as in /s/ - mice pencil succeed High Frequency Words
Stage 12 'g' as in /j/ - gem page rigid
Stage 13 consonant-le - candle sensible
Stage 14 four syllable words - independent
Stage 15 suffixes with 'ti' 'ci' 'si'

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trugs Home version - boxed sets 2 or 3

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