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Introducing phonic readers into schools

Research has shown that phonic-based instruction is best when learning to read and spell, leaving many schools with significant resourcing and logistical issues. These include the high cost involved in purchasing phonic readers, the vast number of products available, and how and when to use them effectively. We spoke with some teachers about how they are currently moving towards phonic-based literacy in their primary schools.

Many teachers and their leadership are listening to the reading research about how we learn to read and changing their focus to a phonic-based literacy program, incorporating phonic texts into classrooms. “The Big Six” skills for learning to read were outlined by Deslea Konza in 2015 in the APPA Podcasts, with phonemic awareness and phonics being a necessary foundational skill that leads to fluency and comprehension. Phonics instruction for reading flows into spelling and writing as well. Our article will discuss some of the options and considerations to take into account when moving towards phonic-based literacy in your primary school. We will also share some ideas from teachers who are well into their journey using phonic books in their classroom.

Phonics instruction and access to phonic texts are important for reading success. We encourage all schools to pursue ways of giving all students the best opportunity to succeed in literacy acquisition by providing appropriate instruction and resources. 

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