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Jolly Classroom is available as an annual subscription per school.

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Jolly Classroom is a digital platform for teaching Jolly Phonics in the classroom, providing all the tools teachers need to deliver fun and engaging lessons, easily and effectively. Explore the new home of Inky, Bee and Snake today and discover a whole new way of teaching.

  • Ideal for use with children aged 4-6 years

  • Full and extensive year’s programme with more than 150 lessons and dozens of interactive and exciting activities

  • Extensive selection of worksheets, templates and games that can be printed and used in class to reinforce teaching

  • Inbuilt audio for the letter sounds, Jolly Songs and story option

  • Teaching notes and planning guidelines for each lesson

  • Choice of print or precursive letters

  • Ability to create multiple, personalised staff/classroom profiles

  • Fully cloud/web-based platform

  • Available to use across a range of devices, from whiteboards (Promethean, Smart) to tablets/laptops (PC, Mac)

With a fresh and vibrant new look, Jolly Classroom is split into 3 main steps, covering all the 42 letter sounds, alternative spellings, and tricky words, as well as activities for reading and handwriting practice. Each Step provides progressive daily sessions, as well as practical advice and tips that the teachers can use in their class.

Step 1 – Introduce the 42 letter sounds

Step 1 focuses on the five key skills of Jolly Phonics to teach reading and writing.

  • Learning the letter sounds: Children are taught the main 42 letter sounds. This includes alphabet sounds and digraphs such as /sh/, /th/, /ai/, and /ue/.

  • Learning letter formation: Using different multi-sensory methods, children learn how to form and write the letters.

  • Blending: Children are taught how to blend the sounds together to read and write new words.

  • Segmenting: Children learn to identify and break down the sounds in words.

  • Tricky Words: Children learn that there are irregular spellings for certain words.

Step 2 – Build on the initial teaching

Step 2 builds on the teaching in Step1 following a similar format of daily revision and consolidation, along with extension topics for the week. The main alternative vowel spellings, capital letters and alphabet, new tricky words and guided writing activities are all introduced.

Step 3 – Consolidate the teaching

Step 3 aims to consolidate the learning of Steps 1 and 2 by introducing new alternative letter-sound spelling patterns and tricky words, as well as long and short vowels, and a variety of reading comprehension activities.

*Jolly Classroom is a site licence meaning it is available to install and use on any number of computers that are on the same site and belong to the same owner of the software.*


A full and extensive year’s programme

  • More than 150 interactive lessons and dozens of exciting activities

  • A selection of fun worksheets for every lesson

  • Aligned with the Jolly Phonics Handbook and Pupil and Teacher’s Books


Instructions and guidance for every step of the way

  • Perfect for beginners and experienced teachers

  • Lesson plans and teaching notes included with every lesson

  • Audio for letter sounds, songs, and stories


Enjoyable lessons designed to engage your students

  • Interactive and exciting activities for whole-class teaching

  • Multi-sensory animations for formation, blending, and segmenting

  • Games and songs to support learning


Fully web-based with easy access

  • Simple and straightforward setup process

  • Ability to create multiple, personalised staff/classroom profiles

  • Switch between print or precursive

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Jolly Classroom

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