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  • CaesarPleaser

Play cards, learn Latin - the origin of more than 50% of English words. Think fast or your words will get swiped before you can say "CaesarPleaser".

Word forming fun with the Latin layer of English: prefixes, roots and suffixes of hundreds of possible words.

Every round will help expand your student's vocabulary.

  • Work with Latin roots and affixes in this fast-paced word building game
  • Race your opponents to recognise Latin word parts and build words of Latin origin
  • Develop vocabulary and study word part meanings all at the same time

A deck of 104 sturdy whimsical cards, best for readers 9 and up.

10 minute rounds for 2+ players

Extensions and extra activities:

The game also reinforces the morphemic nature of English. Words are composed of meaning units. If one learns the building blocks, on can learn more than 100,000 new words.

  • GOOD FOR ADULT EDUCATION - ACCESSIBLE TO READERS WHO CAN MANAGE A COMPLEX SYLLABLE: Extension for adult poor readers. This game offers adult struggling readers an opportunity to read Latin-based multi-syllable sophisticated vocabulary. The prefixes are simple decodable chunks; the roots are basically complex regular syllables with lax vowels; the endings are a small stable set of easy morphemes. Adults can put together word parts into longer words. Initially they can use a prefix with a root: pro+spect, con+struct, pro+ject and eventually move on to pro+spec+tive, con+struct+ion, pro+ject+ive, etc. The roots can be studied for vocabulary. the prefixes for meaning change emements, and the suffixes for usage/part of speech. After a round of CaesarPleaser, make a list of your words. Pronounce them. Spell them. Define them. Determine the part of speech. Use every word in a sentence (oral and then written). Determine the number of syllables in the word. Draw a line across a page for each syllable. Then have the student say every chunk as he/she spells it onto the line. Check the spelling with the cards.
  • ROOT BRAINSTORM: Choose one root card. Have students brainstorm all of the words that they can think of with that root in it. Make a list of the words. Then discuss the meanings, use them in written and oral sentences. Instructor reads a Latin based word to the students. Have them listen for and identify the specific parts/morphemes in the words. They get a point for every correct morpheme.
  • MORPHEME AWARENESS TASK - PREFIX POWER: Make a draw pile of the prefix cards. Take ONE root card. Draw a prefix card and say the word. Determine whether or not it is a real word. If it is: keep it. The one with the most real words wins.
  • SAME ROOT/MANIPULATE PREFIXES: Re-verse, con-verse, in-verse, per-verse, ad-verse, a-verse, etc.
  • ROOT RACE: Brainstorm LATIN WORD LIST from every latin root. Do this as a group. Do it in competitive teams. Do it as an individual task. See who can make the most words from every root in the deck.For DUCT: conduct, induct, reduct, product, abduct, adduct, etc
  • PREFIX POWER: Line up an array of the prefix cards. Make a stack of the root cards. Move every root card to the right of the prefix cards. Say the word. If it is real, define it and get a point. Go through the list with every root card.
  • CAESAR CHALLENGE: Put out an array of 12 cards. Say "GO" and have students compete with one another to make as many words from the parts as possible.

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