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UFLI Foundations Workshops - 1 day training at SPELD SA

SPELD SA has been approved to deliver the UFLI Foundations program in South Australia.

What is UFLI Foundations?

UFLI Foundations is an explicit and systematic phonics program that introduces students to the foundational reading skills necessary for proficient reading.

It follows a carefully developed scope and sequence designed to ensure that students systematically acquire each skill needed and learn to apply each skill with automaticity and confidence. UFLI Foundations is designed to be used for core instruction in the primary grades or for intervention with struggling students in any grade.

UFLI Foundations Training Options

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Our skilled presenters Emma Murphy and Kylie Hallion have completed training with UFLI mentors & creators Dr. Holly Lane and Dr. Valentina Contesse. They deliver this high-quality, systematic phonics program in a day of training here at the SPELD SA Centre. The training will provide an overview of this highly effective program, guide participants through an in-depth exploration of the steps in each lesson, and share recommendations for progress monitoring and differentiation.

“UFLI Foundations is appealing because it is research-based and evidence-based. We know it aligns with decades of reading research, with the everyday teacher and students’ needs in mind. Everything is clearly set out lesson by lesson with explicit instruction for each step."

Our SPELD SA facilitators

Emma Murphy

Emma Murphy is a Primary School Teacher with 10 years of experience working within the Independent Schools System. Upon returning to the classroom after parental leave, Emma developed a passion for helping children with specific learning needs. To support students with reading difficulties, Emma sought training in the Sounds-Write Linguistics Phonics program and became a SPELD SA Specialist Tutor. She was recognised for her success as a tutor and was offered a position as a Literacy Clinic Practitioner at SPELD SA. Working with families and helping to educate parents on how to support their children with Dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties, has been a highlight of her career in education. Emma is our Educational Resources Coordinator at SPELD SA. Emma is looking forward to presenting professional development workshops to those seeking to learn more about best practice for teaching reading and spelling.

Kylie Hallion

Kylie is an experienced educator, having worked in diverse educational settings in Singapore, England, and Adelaide for over 25 years. At a classroom and school level, she has successfully implemented various explicit phonics programs with students of different ages, abilities, and prior experiences. Kylie enthusiastically shares her experience and knowledge in evidence-based approaches to literacy instruction to support schools, educators, and caregivers. As a part of the SPELD SA team, in her role as a Literacy Practitioner and Presenter, Kylie is committed to providing participants with a deep understanding of the UFLI program. She combines the theoretical background with practical teaching strategies to support educators to deliver the program with fidelity. This ensures participants are equipped with the tools and knowledge to enhance literacy outcomes for all students.

"A variety of very useful UFLI Foundations resources are in the online toolbox, including editable PowerPoint slides, virtual word building boards, decodable passages and printable resources.”

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