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  • Sounds-Write Interactive Whiteboard Presentations USB - Initial and Extended Code
This resource can be used within schools for whole class instruction or to compliment online tutoring for Sounds-Write trained professionals.
The interactive activities on this handy USB gives children an opportunity to move the sound tiles or words easily into place and model their responses. It is user friendly for both the teacher and children with the sequence of slides following the lessons and unit order of the Sounds-Write program for the entire Initial Code and for the first twenty-five units of the Extended Code.

There are word building activities with puzzles, sorting activities, find the spellings, sound reviews, opportunities to build ‘silly sentences’, as well as building and reading polysyllabic words. They give pupils practice in the skills of blending, segmenting and phoneme manipulation: the skills identified as being key to proficient reading and spelling. They also rapidly develop pupils’ knowledge of the alphabet code as well as their understanding of how the writing system works in relation to the sounds of everyday language.

The 338 slides included on this software enables teachers to utilise the Sounds-Write program in an efficient and effective way. From a teacher's point of view having the wordlists and all the resources pre-prepared for each lesson and unit makes session preparation very quick and easy. It enhances lesson delivery and enables interactive pupil participation.

The files are stored on a protected partition, so that they cannot be accidentally erased, and the USB drive also gives you a separate writable partition which you can use to store and transport approximately 270 mb of your own files.

Requires SMART Board software to run. For use on a PC or Mac. SMART Notebook software will need to be loaded onto your computer prior to use.

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Sounds-Write Interactive Whiteboard Presentations USB - Initial and Extended Code

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