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This lower-case letter formation booklet for Students comes in black and white, to allow students to personalise their booklet by colouring in Sant the Ant, and includes a certificate of completion at the end of the booklet. The font used is SA Beginner GT.

Handwriting and letter formation is an important part of a synthetic phonics program. Students learning to read and write are taught to recognise letters, the sounds they represent and how they are correctly formed.

The SPELD SA Handwriting Booklet supports the South Australian Curriculum. Pages include guidance for starting points, letter direction, size, and shape for each letter of the alphabet. The letter can be practised in the context of a word at the bottom of each page.

Revision and remediation

A common method of revising or remediating letter formation is to group letters that have a similar direction when writing. Follow the letter direction guides on each page. Support students in letter direction by having them practice using multi-sensory techniques, for example, upper-body arm movements, air-writing, and sand-writing.

Using these handwriting sheets

Sant the ant gestures to the starting point of each letter.

The large example is handy for students to trace with their finger.

Arrows provide directional support.

When used in colour, the handwriting pages adopt sky and grass colourings for the dotted thirds. This may be helpful if students are familiar with the sky/grass/ground strategy.

A bold base line is provided, and support is gradually released to encourage student independence.

Words containing the target letter are included, with space for students to write the word on their own. Adult support may be required for students to read the word if they are unfamiliar with the letter-sound correspondences.

Use the blank handwriting page for additional practice, consolidation or for writing sentences.

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SPELD SA Handwriting booklet for Students

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