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  • Pocket Rockets Parent/Tutor Pack

This pack contains all 44 Pocket Rocket stories and a Reading Guide with a summary of each story, its theme, grapheme focus, tricky words and punctuation.

Also included is a colourful sounds reference card which gives the grapheme (written form of the sounds) for all 44 sounds, from simple “one letter one sound” to “two or three letters one sound”. They appear in the same order as the stories and each grapheme is represented by a character from its Pocket Rocket stories.

Great for phonics practice and very useful for writing words.

There are 44 imaginative stories to engage children with humorous characters and quirky plots. They have been written specifically around the progressive learning of the sounds. Your child can successfully use emerging phonic skills to read and enjoy these fun stories.

The pack contains:

  • Orange booklets-18 stories
  • Purple booklets- 26 stories
  • Sounds Reference card
  • Guide to the stories
  • Zip-lock case

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Pocket Rockets Parent/Tutor Pack

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