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  • Phonic Dictation – Stage 1

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Year Level: Foundation, Year 1 & 2

Learning to apply phonic knowledge to extended writing tasks

What happens when the correct spelling of test words does not transfer to writing? Students often write words correctly in spelling tests but struggle when applying their new knowledge to written work? As a general rule, students require many opportunities to rehearse their skills in contexts of increasing complexity. Phonic Dictation – Stage 1 focuses on a variety of spelling and phonics concepts. As students complete the dictation tasks, they are faced with the challenge of applying their recently acquired spelling concepts to the rewriting of passages. The presentation of regular phonic dictation sessions enables students to rehearse transferring spelling concepts to their writing.

Dictation tasks require minimal preparation but produce significant gains in all areas of literacy. When presented on a regular basis, dictation tasks hold the potential to produce a significant increase in a range of areas. Dictation improves the following skills in students:

  • listening
  • auditory memory
  • handwriting
  • language
  • spelling

Most importantly, dictation assists in the translation of spelling list words to students’ self-generated writing. The short presentation formats outline dictation only, the extended formats provide reading, editing and writing tasks.

Phonic Dictation – Stage 1 focuses on:

  • Alphabet VC and CVC words.
  • Phonic concepts – sh/ ch/th/oo/ee/ck to CVC words.
  • Blends CCVC and CVCC words.
  • Phonic concepts – ar/or/ ay/ai/oy/oi/er/ing.

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Phonic Dictation – Stage 1

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