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Jolly Learning Program in Schools

Jolly Learning Training and Mentoring

SPELD SA offers a range of services for all educators, new and experienced, in the Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar program, delivered by our experienced Literacy Coach and Trainers.

Jolly Phonics Review and Refresher Workshop
Jolly Phonics Training Workshops
Jolly Grammar Training Workshops
Mentoring and Coaching in the Jolly Phonics Program

Whether you are new to the Jolly Learning program or have already implemented the program and are looking to revisit essential principles to ensure a common understanding, and ensure the programs are delivered with fidelity, these services can be tailored to your needs.

All workshops listed are based on 2.5 hours of training time.

About Our Trainers

Our Trainers are experienced educators with a passion for teaching literacy. They have a deep knowledge of Jolly Phonics and Grammar gained over many years and are passionate about working with educators to strengthen their professional knowledge, skills and strategies to ensure they have the skills to support students to read and write with confidence.

Workshop fees:

$660 per Session from 1/7/2021 (approx. 2 - 2.5 hours)
10% Discount for Members
Maximum participants – 30
Regional travel surcharge applies

Fees for mentoring:

$220.00 per hour
10% Discount for Members
Minimum charge 2 hours delivered on your premises
Regional travel surcharge applies

Jolly Phonics Workshop

Review & Refresher

This workshop refers to the Jolly Phonics Fidelity Checklist as a basis to review the implementation and current use of the program at your site. It may include revising some of the basic principles of the Jolly Phonics program to ensure a consistent understanding and approach amongst staff to ensure the highest results can be achieved. A question and answer time is incorporated into the session to discuss topics such as classroom organization, examine resources, assessment tools and to clarify areas of concern for your site.

This workshop can also be modified to incorporate 1:1 reviews and coaching sessions with individual teachers or small groups.

Mentoring and Coaching

with SPELD SA Trainers

SPELD SA offer a coaching option to support educators to transfer the Jolly Phonics training into the classroom setting and to ensure the program is delivered with fidelity. Popular topics include establishing instructional routines, data analysis, classroom management and modelling of practice.

Free Jolly Learning Consultation

Please contact Sandy Russo for an initial online or tele-consult to explore implementing the Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar Program in your school.

08 8431 1655

Jolly Phonics Workshop

Step 1

This introductory workshop provides a practical look at Step 1 of the Jolly Phonics program.

The workshop demonstrates how to introduce the 42 main sounds of English to students in their first term at school and for those older students requiring additional literacy support.
This training session will examine:

Features of systematic synthetic phonics
The role of phonological awareness
An overview of a synthetic phonics lesson
Learning the letter sounds
Letter Formation
Tricky words

The workshop will provide many practical ‘hands on’ activities that you can use to compliment the Jolly Phonics program and to engage students in the classroom.

Jolly Phonics Workshop

Step 2 & 3

Pre-requisite: Jolly Phonics - Step 1

This session provides an overview of continuing the Jolly Phonics throughout the Reception year or for those students requiring additional literacy support.
This training session will examine:

Alternative spellings
Spelling strategies
Structuring the literacy block
The role of decodable texts
Assessment and data collection
Jolly Phonics for the interactive whiteboard software

The workshop will also provide many practical resources designed to support your teaching and to motivate and engage students.

Jolly Grammar builds upon the skills taught in Jolly Phonics. The program provides a systematic and sequential approach to teaching Spelling and Grammar for Years One to Six.

Due to the range of year levels and extensive content involved in the Jolly Grammar program, our workshops have been deliberately structured to focus on the Spelling and Grammar elements separately to ensure a greater depth of understanding for participants.

Training in Jolly Phonics is a pre-requisite to this program.

Jolly Grammar Workshop – Spelling

Spelling should be an exercise in logic, problem solving and discovering patterns rather than merely memorising weekly spelling lists. Students should be active participants provided with opportunities to discover patterns, form generalisations and knowledge that can be transferred to spell a range of words.

This training session will examine:

A synthetic phonics approach to teaching reading and spelling
Consonants, vowels, alternative spellings of the vowel sounds, syllables, schwa, prefixes, suffixes, base words and word origins
Spelling principles to support student understanding
The role of spelling lists and dictation

Practical activities and resources to compliment the spelling program

Jolly Grammar Workshop - Grammar

An understanding of grammar supports students to become capable communicators, use a wider vocabulary and have a clearer understanding of how language works. The most dramatic improvement from the Jolly Grammar program will be found in the quality of student writing as they become familiar with the role of grammatical features and different types of words and word groups to convey information and represent their ideas.

This training session will examine:

The sequential and cumulative framework of Jolly Grammar
Parts of speech, proof reading, punctuation, vocabulary and word choice to support clear and effective communication
Practical ideas and experiences to compliment the teaching grammar across year levels.


"Today's session had a profound impact on me because of you, Fiona. Some of the learning was re-affirming what I already do, but it helped solidified my understanding (in a way that was easy to understand) and gave me lots of pedagogical ideas and resources. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to engage in this training and I have left feeling very inspired"

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